Eric Emmanuel-Schmitt

Eric Emmanuel Schmitt is a Franco-Belgian writer and film director born on the 28th of March 1960 in Lyon. During his young age, he had preparatory classes at Lycée du Parc for France’s elite universities and then started studying at École normale supérieure. In 1983 he graduated from the school with a diploma in philosophy.

In 1987, he was awarded the degree of PhD for his thesis “Diderot and Metaphysics”, which was published in 1997 with the title “Diderot or the Philosophy of Seduction”.

He debuted in 1991 with a play, “Night at Valognes”. After that, he writes “The Visitor”, who brings him consecration and for which he is awarded with three Molière awards, “Enigmatic variations”, “Libertine” etc. In 1994 appeared his first novel, “The Sect of the Egoists”, but he was still writing theater plays that made the halls full in France and abroad. In 2001 he was rewarded by the French Academy with the “Grand Prix du Théâtre” for the whole activity. Also, his novels “Gospel of Pilate” (2000), “Adolf H. Two Lifes” (2001), “When I Was a Work of Art” (2002), and “My Life with Mozart” (2005) were awarded. The volumes that make up the “Invisible Cycle” – “Milarepa” (1997), “Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Quran” (2001), “Oscar and the lady in pink “ (2002), “Noah’s Child” (2004), “The ten children Mrs. Ming never had” (2012) – have been on the lists of bestsellers in many countries for months. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is the author of five volumes of stories, “The Most Beautiful Book in the World” and “Other Stories” (2006), “The Visitor of Ostende” (2007), “Concert in the Memory of an Angel” (2010), awarded the “Goncourt Prize for short story”, “The Two gentlemen of Brussels” (2012) and “La vengeance du pardon” (2017). In 2008 he published the novel “Ulysse from Baghdad”, in 2011 “Woman in front of the mirror”, in 2013 “Parrot in Arezzo Square”, in 2014 “Diptic Elixir of Love” and “Poison of Love” in 2015, “The Night of Fire”, and in 2016 “L’homme qui voyait à travers les visages”. More than 20 literary awards were awarded to Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt in 2001, receiving the title of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. His books are translated into over 40 languages.

Among the books he wrote, “Oscar and the lady in pink” is by far my favorite.

Currently, Oscar Emanuel-Schmitt is 57, but his appetite for writing remained unchanged. Hopefully we will still be reading lots of his books.

Anyways, for those who are interested in reading more about him, you can go to A professional black and white website made in five languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Polish.


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