I See You (Screaming In Silence 2)

After long, excruciating battles with the carrier, I have finally received another package from Quantum Publishers. A total of nine books. I was so excited, even more regarding the fact the I was on the verge of not receiving them at all. You can imagine that I got home and I scraped them immediately. And, as I couldn’t wait until the next day, I have carried all nine books through all Bucharest, as I had something else to do that evening.

I started reading the volumes that were the continuation of the ones I have read the last time: the series “Screaming in silence” and “I have died, fortunately”, the latter ones being next on the list.

I have just finished the second volume of “Screaming in silence” called “I see you”. In this book, the story of Sara gets continued, after she gets disappointed by Markus and starts to hate him, or that’s what she thinks.

She tries to forget him, but the feelings she still has for him doesn’t let her continue her life. And if in the first volume she started seeing weird things, in this volume things start to go really crazy. Nightmares that follow her and try to kill her, friends that are not really friends, truths that are being revealed, questions that are rising. She starts to be more and more confused and starts to loose her trust in anyone. And it all seems to culminate with the accident of her aunt, Laura, who seems to be also because of her.

At that point, Hyppa, the dark goddess, tries to convince her that it all will be over if she kills Markus. And she almost managed to get her way. Sara takes the knife that Hyppa gives to her and starts to be more and more decided to kill Markus. But when she is being put face to face with the imminent moment, she starts to hesitate. And the smell of Markus and his deep eyes convince her about the opposite. At that point, behind him appears Sarula, the old dacian priest who Sara believes that is the one for which Markus needed the sacrifice of Sara. But while listening to the truth, she discovers that actually Sarula is not the one that Markus was searching for, and that she came to this world only because the nightmares of Sara invade the real world as a consequence to Hyppa’s jealousy who releases them to torment Sara. At that point, she decides that she will never let herself being tricked by Hyppa. And that moment she and Markus become allies and start the fight against Hyppa. But will they manage to come to and end and send Hyppa back to the dark world where she belongs?

What I liked about this book is the fact that is not predictable. Any scenario you had in mind was the exact opposite of what is really happening. The past haunts Sara and the decisions she makes in the present are depending on how well does she evaluate the decisions in the past. The connection between her and Markus is lost from the moment she commits sacrifice, but the love between them still exists. It tells us the reality is cruel, that life isn’t fair, and that we must fight for what we really want. The reality is sometimes black, sometimes white, but in most of the cases is grey. Some things are lies, some things are true, and some are partially true. The friends you have are your enemies and the enemies are your friends. The more you are afraid of  something, the more that something is likely to happen. Like that old proverb: “What you are afraid of, that you will not escape”. All the time Sara is at the border between the reality and dream, but a dream so terrifying that she can no longer face it. Although the events that consumed her made her stronger, the fear starts to overcome her. And in her way to discovering the truth, she receives some fragments that she must gather and create a whole story, as no one is allowed to tell her the truth as it is. It is a twisted story that will blow your mind and will keep you captivated until the very last chapter.

And the ending…oh the ending is exquisite. You are glad you reached the end, but you feel like you want to rip your hair out because you don’t have the next volume to find out what’s next. And the ending is so damn unexpected that you remain more confused than you were when you started reading it. Exactly like in the story. You are Sara in your own story version.

“I would have wanted that all that I saw to be unreal, because the acceptance of such reality was telling me one single thing. I had become my own demon.”

© picnicontheshelf, July 9, 2018

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