Another Word For Longing (Don’t Trip On Me, I Beg You – Book 2)

Longin. This is what this book is about. We all feel it, we all run from it, but we can’t hide from it. 

This book is the continuation of Ana and Iv’s story from Don’t trip on me, I beg you. Ana decides to go back to him. She finds love in her soul that she can no longer deny. She tries to think logical, to make a wise decision this time, but everything inside her screams to give up prejudice and just live the moments she refused for her until that very moment. So she gives into temptation and runs towards the doctor regardless of her mother’s comments and her fears. She starts a new life into the doctor’s hospital, where she works as a psychologist for the patients. Everything seems to go just as it should. They love each other and nothing seems to come between them and their happiness. But things start going wild as soon as their past starts to come out. One of the doctor’s patients comes to picture. Simona seems to suffer from a severe form of amnesia after she has had an accident eight years before. Ana decides to see her first, but she has the shock to discover a truth so overwhelming that she herself doesn’t think can handle. Simona seems to have a huge role into Iv’s life, and he seems to be somehow tied in front of this situation.

On the other hand, Ana seems to confront her past over and over again. She has to face emotional ghosts that she thought she had buried. But they keep coming along, rise up even stronger than before. She thinks she is totally in love with Iv but still she feels confused regarding the feelings she has for the man that once was part of her life. They try to express what they feel for each other without hurting their feelings. They try to express their longing some other way, but they realise there is no other word for it, at least not in Romanian. Ana is now stuck between two men. She wants to just run and leave all behind, but realises that this won’t take away her pain. This won’t erase all her memories and all the love she feels. 

Published in 2017, the book presents in 322 pages so many feelings and experiences, so much pain yet so much happiness. It is a cocktail Molotov of emotions that blows your mind and makes you ecstatic. I like the style of Georgiana Vâju. It is so complex, so intense. She somehow always finds so many words for a single emotion. She finds a way to describe in thousands of ways a feeling, the love, the longing, the hate. She describes everything as if this is the last thing she does, as if the story has a vital importance for her and for the humanity. I feel passion in her books and so many emotions. Love, hate, sadness and even repulse, are all so well contoured. The characters are always complex. Ana is a psychologist. And even if she herself is troubled, she finds a way to read people, to understand situation and react accordingly. Realise what were her mistakes and live what she denied herself before. She is the master of sarcasm and irony and she juggles with them as she pleases and when she pleases. And all this becomes like a game that takes her out of the daily routine. A game that spices her boring life and which keeps her up.  

In all her books I read until now I saw how she put all her efforts into the characters. But she mixes them so well with the plot. At some point you stop realising that you read a book. You feel that the characters are real, or at least they existed at one point. You can’t tell that they are pure fiction and have nothing in common with real characters. 

Another thing that I have noticed in her books is that she always puts a note that would fit into the picture. Weather it is a song, a verse or a quote, she always makes use of something beautiful, and I like so much this idea. I find it very original and it makes the story even more captivating. I just wonder what will the next story bring. 

The author reserved for this book and open ending. Weather it is about her coming back with a continuation of her story or letting the reader imagine how he sees their story, I feel like it reduces me to silence cause, whatever I have imagined about it, I would never have thought about what the events have turned out. 

And regardless how many books of her I read, I am always surprised. Weather it is about the story, the characters or the ending, there is always something that leaves me completely helplessly amazed. 

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