Alexandru Andrieș – Retirement Concerts

Today I am gonna share with you some other concert news, but this time something that I am not very glad of. The thing is that Alexandru Andrieș, one of my favourite Romanian singers, is retiring at 64, after 45 years of singing the most beautiful songs.

His style was focused on blues, jazz and folk, and played the guitar, piano and harmonica. He is the one of the singers I have spent my childhood with and it is sad to know that he will no longer enjoy us with his songs (a bit selfish, isn’t it?) but I guess he deserves a break.

He debuted in 1974 in Club A at 20 years old, and until 2002 he played over 3100 concerts, which is actually a pretty good number.

Beside singing, he is also an architect, poet, writer, translator, painter and graffician, being a member in the Romanian Architect Union since 1980, Romanian Writers Union since 1994, The Musicians and Composers Union in Romania (since 1994) and in the Romanian Journalists Association.

Some interesting facts about him (Source:

  1. He was never married
  2. His friends call him “Alexe”
  3. He is also drawing
  4. He is a hisser (a person who cannot pronounce well the s), but in a very charmant way
  5. He is impredictable

For celebrating his retirement, he will be holding a series of concerts throughout Romania as follows:

The tickets can be bought via Eventim, if you want to listen to him for the last time in a concert.

In the end, I will leave you my favorite song of him called “Cea mai frumoasă zi” (The most beautiful day).

Till next time!

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