Single bedded, squared two

We all have moments of weakness. We all at one point feel sunk into routine and want a change, feel overwhelmed by the situation. And at that point, we all find ourselves tempted to give into temptation of leaving all that we have and live our wildest dreams. But how many of us would really do it and how many would remain in the live they have chosen?

I had my first encounter with Georgiana Vâju’s books when reading  Don’t trip on me, I beg you. This time, when reading, “Single bedded squared two“, I noticed the transition. From the sweet loving story of Ana and Iv, we turn to an erotic one, full of licensed language and prepared for the 18+ category. Actually, from the very beginning of the book, the author writes a few words for us, warning the reader that he must have a certain emotional maturity and a certain life experience to read this book and really understand it. Now, as I have turned the last page, I really do understand what the author meant. Although I cannot say I am the perfect picture of wisdom and life experience at my 28 years old, I can say that I had, fortunately or unfortunately (you can take it whatever you like), some experiences that made me understand life and relationships better. And when reading this book, it was like a cold shower. I managed to understand the feelings of all of them. And even if a few years ago I would have rushed to judge them, I understand now that life is not only roses and violets, but are also thistles who put a shadow over our perfect existence. But that’s ok. That makes life even better and makes us enjoy it more and appreciating what we have. 

The story revolves around four characters. We first meet Dorian, who I see like the main character, although they should all take credit for an important part of the story. He dreamed about being free, living the life the way he wants and not caring about anything. But the insistence of his mother to have a place in the society, get married and settle down leads him to his current wife, three triplet girls and a lawyer carrier that he does not like. He feels like the life passes him by and that all his dreams have gone with the wind. He feels that his wife no longer gives him the attention he needs and he wants more. 

Monica is the wife of Dorian. She is happy with the life she has, she adores her daughters and she knows she has all she needs. But she feels overwhelmed with the children. She, as Dorian, would want to just leave and forget about husband, kids and all her life to just be free. But she ignores her feelings just to be a good wife and mother. And this is what makes her happy. 

Things seem to go well. Monica and Dorian accept their life as it is and are happy. But things get more complicated. Dorian meets Camelia, one of his ex clients. A beautiful woman with a sex appeal that disarms him in a way that leaves no room for escape. He tries to run away, but the attraction gets bigger and bigger and he is afraid he might give into temptation and throw his all life away. On the other hand, Monica finds out that her boyfriend from her young days is back and still loves her. She discovers that she still has feelings for him, his eyes are still breathtaking, his behaviour is still so kind and sweet, and that she missed that. She is now trapped between the love of two men. Her husband, who offered her a family and stood by her all these years, and Florin, who was the one who she thought was her soulmate years before. She now struggles to search into her soul to find out the truth and to choose one  of them. She gets lost into this game of love. She no longer knows who she is, she no longer understands the meaning of love or if it exists or not. 

With the appearance of the two, the story gets more and more complicated, the story of two transforms into the story of four. And there is one single bed that is available. The story turns into a love so twisted that you kinda start wondering why would someone do this?

I find this book so overwhelmingly realistic, so well rooted into the reality. This story can as easy be the story of you and me. Even though we could fall into the trap of judging, we do it until it happens to ourselves. And at that point we realise we are not as perfect and stainless as we think we are, that we are human beings as any other one. I like the style of Georgiana Vâju because, as I said before, it relates realistic stories, that could easily find a correspondent into the reality, but also because they reflect so well the human character. Her psychological background reflects into her books and creates some characters so complex, so full of humour, sarcasm, irony and good lines that surprise you more and more with every page you read. The book starts with I miss me  a song that reflects the desire of the singer to be the one who he was before, and ends with  Waltz, a song about two people who are in love and dance even if they are not really good at it. This last song is some kind of metaphor of life, telling us that we live, with good and bad, and that we all make mistakes at some point but we are human. And I think this song is perfect for the subject of the book. It reflects this idea that we are who we are and we should accept each other for this.  When starting reading, I was expecting a book based on mostly explicit scenes, in which the plot is only the filling, but I had the surprise to find one well contoured, well defined, and some characters that you don’t even realise are not real. I got lost somehow in the story and I only realised it when it ended.

A smile blooms on my lips, and then starts nesting into my soul. It is nice to feel that there is someone who takes care of you. It is not as Dorian doesn’t do this, he does, but different from Florin. There is a big difference between the two of them. Dorian is the realistic, funny, sarcastic and arrogant guy. Florin is serious, dreaming, sensitive and altruistic. I feel like I am in front of a rich meal. On the left there is sweet, and on the right spicy. I like both tastes, but they cannot be combined at all, in any way. What bite should I choose? 

I think this is my favourite passage from the book. Monica compares love with food. I find this comparison so original, so full of meaning. Cause that’s what love is. A choice. Of choice of something against something else. It is like a medicine who cures us from the worst diseases, but at the same time like a poison for our soul, who make us think irrationally at the beginning. But when the effect of the poison vanishes, we are only left with the logic. And that is when real love begins. If we are capable of loving without the poison of the passionate beginning, then we can really declare that we are strong. 

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