Screaming In Silence

Another Quantum Publishers book is ready, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I finished reading Screaming in silence by Marina Neagu.

It has started to be a habit of mine (like many of the others regarding books) to not be impressed at first sight by a book. And as all books do, they get to my soul and impress me deeply until I can no longer stay without finding out what is happening next.

Same thing was with this book. When I read the very first words, I wasn’t much impressed. But after the first page I was totally addicted. Two days were enough to finish it.

The story starts and ends in songs. At the beginning you see the lyrics of “Wherever you will go” from The calling and ends with “Someday” from Nickleback.  What a great way to finish a book isn’t it?

So, let’s get started with the storyline. The author presents the life of a 16 years old girl called Sara that lives with her parents. In an unfortunate night, her house is being violently attacked and her parents are killed. The attackers try to kill her too by drowning her in the pool, but one way or another she survives and wakes up in the hospital with absolutely no memory about what happened after she was drowned.

Because of the shock, she can no longer talk, and spends her days in a complete bitterness, half dead and half alive, not knowing how to get over the accident.

One day though, when she starts her university studies, she meets Markus, a dangerous guy as everybody warns her. The guy seems to be of no good for her, but she is attracted to him like a magnet. This feeling pushes her to the edge of craziness and provokes her to do things she wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Her life at that point starts to be a continuous string of mysteries that she herself can’t understand as much as she is trying. One night, she dreams about a roman guy and a dacian priest woman called Sarula who fall in love, but who cannot be together because of the social differences between them. Sarula kills herself, but not before telling him that in 2000 years a girl will be born that will be her impersonation. Only then they could be together.

Having this dream, Sara wakes up confused and wonders what could that dream be. But odd events don’t stop here. She starts to know creatures that are not from this world and her nightmares become reality. She and Markus start an intense love story, but they cannot feel it, otherwise the nightmares will be fed, and no one will be safe any more.

As much as Markus tries to save her, the destiny seems to not be by their side.

But is he really in love with her? Does he have a connection with her dream? How can she hear his thoughts and how he can hear hers? Sara seems to go crazy with all that mistery, and  the only way to find the truth is to realise it. Nobody else is allowed to make her aware of the role she has in all this story.

Will she find out who she really is, who Markus really is? Will their love prevail?

Honestly the book had such a mind blowing ending that I was in shock. It threw away all the scenario I have built before. All the predictions I have put in the destiny of the characters.

It was much more breath taking than I was expecting.

In the end, I can only recommend you to read it, as it is so captivating that you don’t even know when the time has passed.

Can’t wait to read the next volume! 🙂

© picnicontheshelf, June 15, 2018

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