Raluca Andreea Chiper Quotes

“How sad! How painful! How incredible could be the fact that for the first time me, Karina Baldin and him, Dragos Ahtum, weren’t understanding with each other. Those persons who always knew how to listen to each other, do discover themselves and seduce each other. But he didn’t become a stranger for me. I was still feeling nervous when I was having him close, and my heart was beating agitated when I was looking in his hyaline eyes. I know that a true love doesn’t get lost in a few moments and continues maybe the entire life there, deep in our soul. Only the fact that it improves, that it passes in the resting state, from a part of an agitated heart, into a part of a calm and old heart. Any moment could come back to its form, and that was exactly what was happening to me. I was recognising the love that I had for him, even in those terrible moments, only that I was so proud that I wasn’t giving up, waiting to much from him, to much…”

<<I am not the only one guilty in this entire story and I want the guilty ones to pay as high as I payed with your loss>>

His words made me think. I was climbing the stairs of the college, thinking about the guilty ones, to the story, to the loss…There were only few of the words that were throwing me on my knees with an immense speed. I was bothering, overwhelmed by the situation. Something was not right. Somewhere I was wrong. I wasn’t realising where. Why wasn’t I listening my intuition as before? Guilty, guilty, guilty…I thought about Iustin, about his lately attitude. The fact that he knew…” – Between earth and water, p344-345

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