Purgatorio (I Died, Fortunately – Book 4)

As getting closer to the end of the series I died, fortunatly I have finished the fourth volume, Purgatorio. 

If the other three volumes, The returnChaos  and On the other side introduce us to the life of Oriana, a girl who died on her wedding day and returned as a soul saviour, the fourth volume finally brings some revelations over what is really happening.

After facing monstruous atrocities when escaping Transeo, Oriana and her friends finally get to have some quiet time. They reach to a village where people like them, escaped from Transeo, gathered and formed a sort of imitation of the life they lived in the Chaos. Although they are apparently happy, they are not complete, as they are facing guilt for escaping Transeo and need to have the comodity of the life they are used to.

Abel, injured on the way, gets treated and slowly recoveres his sense of humour and restarts the quarrels with Ama. Also people who Oriana met in Transeo are to be found here. They start to get used to living there, but it seems like someone is really trying to get her. She tries to ignore it all but she has changed. Her soul is still tormented by the fights she had to take for her life and the life of her friends.

But as she was trying to live the new chance she got, something happens. Something that changes her life completely. Marc appears together with her mother. She cannot believe her eyes but she has to face the truth. What hurts her the most is the fact that Marc seems distant to her, almost absent. Her feelings are more intense than never and she cannot escape. Also she has to face her mother. She is still hurt by her supposed betrayal, but somehow feelings start to emerge inside her. She tries to repress them by being cold and mean to her mother, but she cannot lie to herself.

Regarding Ama and Abel, the love between them starts to grow stronger and stronger, even though she refuzes to show him the feelings that are boiling inside her. He realizes her feelings towards him, but he doesn’t want to make her do things she doesn’t want to. So they both sting each other in irony and sarcasm every time they can as a refulation of the love they are not sharing with each other.

I had the joy to discover in this volume some peace for the characters, some feelings, some of the normality we are used to. Although things were again very intense at some point, especially in the end of the book when Oriana finds out what is the use of her ability to stay outside Transeo without suffering, the book itself is very pleesing. You start being attached by the characters and you start to feel their pain, their joy, their struggles.

In the next volume we ewill se the end of the story that Oriana is living, and we will finally find out what the Almighty has reserved for her. Called Diabolic, we will see how Oriana, Marc, Abel and Ama are finishing their journey.

See you on the next. 🙂

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