On The Other Side (I Died, Fortunately – Book 3)

If you haven’t read the previous reviews from the series “I died, fortunately”, you can find them here and here.

I have finished the third volume long ago, but I was too caught up with the fourth to be able to move a finger for making the review. So here it is.

In this volume, we can discover some other events that chase Oriana, more intense, more breathtaking. If in the Chaos things were pretty much predictable in some way, on the other side things start to go really crazy. Oriana gets to Transeo, a place between worlds, where every soul saviour is waiting for his judgement. Surprising enough, she finds her mother there and the strugle begins. The strugle between respecting her pride and letting her pray to the feelings that are boiling inside her. She meets people from all around the world, each one preocupied on the things that has brought from the Chaos. Both angels are mad about her and not many interactions are created between the three of them. At first, you have the impresion that there isn’t much to happen in this volume, but wait. It seems that the impression is wrong. Things get really wild the moment they decide to escape Transeo. A riot led by Ghenadie, a moldavian supposingly soul savior, brings people the hope that their rode will not end there. They are promissed a life, they are promissed a better place and they buy it. Even Abel and Ama fall into the trap and decide to go. And, as Oriana cannot leave them go alone, she runs away after them. And this is it. This is where the things start to get nasty. They findthat the world they discovered at first, green, beautiful and peaceful, is not at all what it seems.

They will have to face animals, demons, savages, but the most fearful enemies are their mind and their fear. There are many who get lost on the way and die and others who lose their mind. It is  game of run for your life which makes them face powers they never thought they had. They fight till their last drop of energy, and every time they think it couldn’t get worst in the Purgatorio, the destiny proves them otherwise.

The book is very intense, and there were moments in which I almost forgot to breath. The characters have to face fear, hunger, thirst, cold, betrayal, lies, hoaxes and even their own principles. They transform into some other people and they don’t even realize. Oriana itself transforms into a mature woman, making decisions that usually were unlikely to her. Ama and Abel are also transforming. They still atack one another verbally, but the affection between them starts to come out, regardless of their rezistance. At one point, Abel tells Oriana the real story between him and Ama, how did he become the dark angel and she the good one. And it is that moment when Oriana understands why are they constantly atacking each other.

As I supposed in the previous review, most of the characters from the Chaos are no longer part of the story, but others appear. Different individualities are revealed to the reader: cowards, braves, thieves, cry babies, curious and even evil. It was a delight to see how characters so different are forced to share the same place and to face the differences. Often they disagree and look at each other with suspicion. So called frienships are tied, in the need of socialising and finding that the one next to you is sharing the same destiny. It is a psychological phylum.

The next volume, called “Purgatorio”, will continue the experiences of Oriana and her friends, old friends and new friends. Till then! 🙂

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