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If you remember, some time ago I wrote an article about the international book day. If you don’t, you can find it here.

Well in that article I told you about this new book I was reading, “Happy people read and drink coffee”. Although I have finished it long ago, I kept hesitating from some reason or another to make a review. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know.

Well today time has come to give it some attention and tell you one or two things about it. Although the title of the book seems to send you to a person who lives for reading and drinking coffee, it isn’t quite like this. Published in 2013, it tells the story of Diane, a 31 year old woman who has lost her husband and her child in a car accident. After that, her life seems to be over and she sinks into a sea of bitterness and cigarette smoke, hoping she will be able to forget about the life she is forced to live without the loved ones.

But she has an advantage. She has Felix, her gay best friend that would be able to “sell his mother and father” in order for her to get well and live again.  So he forces her to get out of the house, to travel, to live her life an move on. Diane finally gives in and decides to travel in Ireland, the place where her husband was dreaming to travel with her. Despite the protests of Felix to travel some place else and of her parents telling her that she will not be capable to survive on her own as she never was, she leaves in the hope that she will forget about everything.

Although she cannot forget her family, it seems that Edward, her neighbor from Ireland, might be able to bring some sun in her life. But will she be able to move on? Will she be able to love again and indeed bury the memory of her husband and daughter?

Well I finished reading the book and all way long I had a feeling of sadness combined with joy for her and hope that she will be happy. I had many mixed feelings about the life she has, although I cannot say that I agree all the decisions she has made.

It is a book easy to read that will keep your mind occupied if you want to forget about something, to disconnect or simply when you feel your life is going down.


Well it is  nice book that you will enjoy reading in a Sunday morning and that will make you forget about the life you have.

Cons: It is too short. And also the fact that the author decided to divide the book into two volumes. You start reading the first one and you start being excited about the next one. One way or another I can understand the fact that the two stories represent two different lives of Diane, but personally I consider that, if the book doesn’t have 1000 pages, it shouldn’t be divided. But anyway, despite all this, which is only my personal opinion and doesn’t change anything from the quality of the book, I can say that it’s worth to be read.

Today I started reading the second volume: “Don’t worry, life is easy” and until now it brought me the same opinion as the first one. I will be back with a review after I read it.

Until then, have you read the book? I would love to hear other views about it.

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