Children In The Fog (The Viscount Of The Lost Verentia – Book 2)

Some time ago I told you about The viscount of the lost Verentia, a book written by Laura Știrbu and published at Quantum Publishers. 

Today I have finished the second volume, called Children in the fog. It is the continuation of book one, where we find out how Iustinian and Liliana continue their adventures. Some of the mysteries we had to face in book one starts to get clearer, but some other ones take their place. 

In this volume there are lots of things happening. People following their dreams, pursuing their love, wishes coming true. Iustinian starts to have more and more dreams that become reality, and his magical clairvoyant abilities start to contour. And by pure chance he gets himself a dragon. A fire-one actually. His biggest dream is now come true. But even so, he is not entirely happy. He doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t know who his parents are. And even though fragments of the truth are revealed to him, he doesn’t seem to manage to put the puzzle pieces together and create a bigger picture. 

Liliana’s role into the story seems to clear out. She fights next to her father into a mission and decides to use Mortifia, a very dangerous drink that can even kill a person if not used properly. But she knows it and she knows it very well. She still suffers for the loss of her entire family and wonders why didn’t she die with them. She still remembers her brother, Tudor, and she misses him every day. She would give anything for him to still be alive.

Meanwhile, the connection between the two of them starts to be stronger and stronger, like an invisible chain that ties them one to another. He feels very attracted to her and sees her like the mother he never had. She, on the other hand, cares for him and wishes the best. She starts to train him with his dragon and teaches him many things. But what is really the mystery behind this strong connection that makes them inseparable?

I had the surprise to find in this book more action, more mysteries and more intrigue than in the first book. I like how the author never lets us getting bored. She always keeps our pulse high and makes us wait anxiously the next volume. I like that I had the opportunity to get to know the characters better. Each and every single one of them seems to have a very well placed role into the story. Every one of them has contributed or will contribute one way or another to revealing the truth and make Iustinian finally realize who he is.

Meanwhile, the air seems to be more tense and people fear a new revolution will start. Even more deadly than the previous one. And even if they say that the reason for the revolution was uniting the Valachian lands, the reason is probably much deeper than this. Somebody wants something and will be capable of killing for it.

This book fascinated and surprised me. First of all because, as I said before, I was not much of a fan of fantasy before reading this book. Second of all, because I like how the events tie down. They are so well lined up that you always feel that you are following the logical flow, like you’re following someone’s life. It’s like the book is alive, or, better said, like the book is the life itself, the destiny that builds the course of the events. When you read it, you feel like you have rewind the time hundreds of years ago and you find yourself into the Romanian country of the 15th century. The author tried to catch into the pages of this book multiple important events that marked the history of Romania.

The Kingdom of the United Valachia

First of all, there is the unification of all Romanian lands. Maybe the unification of 1859 under the reign of Alexandru Ioan Cuza when Romanian Country unified with Moldavia, or the one of 1918 when, after the first world war, the Reign of Romania has united with Transilvania, Basarabia, Bucovina, Banat,  Crișana,
Maramureș and Sătmar after the Austro-Hungarian empire has dissolved. I feel like the context fits with both of them, like the story built a mix between the two of them, but who knows. Maybe the author felt it otherwise.

Second of all, there is the 1989 revolution that removed the communist party and established a new democratic govern, the same as the Valachian revolutions removed the old government and established a new one over the entire valachian lands.

About the characters of the book, I can see how they evolved. Iustinian at least has become even more mature than before. He understands better what is happening around him and starts to gain some diplomacy that helps him many times in pursuing his plans.

Liliana becomes even stronger than before and even admits to herself her weaknesses. Although I believe that she always knew which were hers, cause I guess only one who knows his weaknesses can become so strong and so confident in itself.

And even the little Diego surprised me in a good way. He is still the same always hungry chump, but he starts to understand the feeling of his roommate and even give his preferences in the favour of the other. In other words, he starts to feel empathy.

What also caught my attention was the connection between Iustinian and his dragon. Usually they could only be controlled through crystals, but the boy seems to kinda communicate with him. Like the dragon understands him, like they are families. Maybe this is not such an important aspect, but honestly I doubt that the boy is so lucky or so special (not that he is not, but not that special). I think there is more than meets the eye with that dragon. I just cannot wait for the next volume to see what’s next, what’s the whole thing with it.

The next volume will be published next year. They said it will be November, but I honestly hope it will be sooner. I just cannot wait to see what’s next. Cause even when I wonder what can it be more from this story, what can happen more, I always get my answer. It’s always more. Meanwhile, I will stop here and leave you enjoy your evening. 

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