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With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?

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Book Reviews (Listed alphabetically by book title)

Antic Hay – Aldous Huxley

Another Word For Longing (Don’t Trip On Me, I Beg You – Book 2) – Georgiana Vaju

Between Earth And Water – Raluca Andreea Chiper

Brooklin Girl – Guillaume Musso

Chaos (I Died, Fortunately 2) – Theo Anghel

Children In The Fog (The Viscount Of The Lost Verentia – Book 2) – Laura Stirbu

Diabolic (I Died, Fortunately 5) – Theo Anghel

Disconnect – Amaan Khan

Don’t Trip On Me, I Beg You – Georgiana Vaju

Faded Lanterns – Cristina Otel

Fiul Dușmanului – Cătălin Dumitrescu

Happy People Read And Drink Coffee – Agnes Martin-Lugand

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets – J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire – J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone – J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban – J. K. Rowling

Heal Your Wounds And Find Your True Self – Lise Bourbeau

I See You (Screaming In Silence 2) – Marina Neagu

Îngerul Luminii (Tărâmul Mistic – Cartea Întâi) – Alina Cosma

Legături Fatale – Alina Cosma

Life Is Easy, Do Not Worry (Happy People Read And Drink Coffee – Book 2) – Agnes Martin-Lugand

Luna De Topaz – Alina Cosma

Mr. Ibrahim And The Flowers Of The Quran – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Code Name (Codex Aureus – Book 1)

Night Of Fire – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

One Hundred Names – Cecilia Ahern

One Last Dance – Judith Lenox

O Singură Minune – Alina Cosma

On The Other Side (I Died, Fortunately 3) – Theo Anghel

People Of The Book – Geraldine Brooks

Purgatorio (I Died, Fortunately 4) – Theo Anghel

Pygmalion – George Bernard Shaw

Screaming In Silence – Marina Neagu

Single Bedde, Square Two – Georgiana Vaju

Suflete Pereche (Tărâmul Mistic – Cartea A Doua) – Alina Cosma

The Alexander Cipher – Will Adams

The Alternative Hypothesis – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

The Aviator – Sanda Coroian

The Break – Marian Keyes

The Daybreak In Alexanderplatz (Berlin – Book 2) – Fabio Geda, Marco Magnone

The Fight Of Gropius (Berlin – Book 3) – Fabio Geda, Marco Magnone

The Fires Of Tegel (Berlin – Book 1) – Fabio Geda, Marco Magnone

The Image Of The “Other” – Black People, Jews, Muslims And Gypsies In The Western Art In The Morning Of The Modern Era 1453-1800 – Victor Ieronim Stoichita

The Last Time I Saw You – Eleanor Moran

The Light Of Trodheim (The Viscount Of The Lost Verentia – Book 1) – Laura Stirbu

“The Most Beautiful Book In The World” And Some Other Stories – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

The Nostalgia Of The Keyboardless Piano – Madalina Alexandru

The Picture Of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde

The Return (I Died, Fortunately 1) – Theo Anghel

The Sins Of The Son (Book 1) – Theo Anghel

The Southern Highway – Julio Cortazar

The Swallow And The Hummingbird – Santa Montefiore

Ugly: The True Story Of A Loveless Childhood – Constance Briscoe

The Three Parchments (Codex Aureus – Book 2) – Silviu Radu

Vita Brevis – Jostein Gaarder

Book Promoters (Listed alphabetically)

Bookster Corporate Library

Bucharest Gaudeamus Book Fare 2018

Carturesti Carusel Library

Erasmus Book Café

Five Things To See In London If You Are A Book Worm

Japan House

Kensington Central Library

Teach For Romania

The British Library

The International Day Of The Book

The Most Beautiful Books Of Romania – Award Ceremony

The Most Beautiful Books Of Romania – Book Project

Book Launches (Listed alphabetically by title)

August 2019 Book Releases

L’Homme Qui Voyait à Travers Les Visages – Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Quantum Publishers – Gaudeamus 2018

September 2019 Book Releases

The Beautiful And The Good – Cristian Fulas

Authors (Listed alphabetically by first name)

Amaan Khan

James Patterson

John Gray

Julie Cohen

Kathy Reichs

Lee Child

Marian Keyes

Mihai Eminescu

Book Quotes (Listed alphabetically)

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt Quotes

Marina Neagu Quotes

Raluca Andreea Chiper Quotes

Theo Anghel Quotes

Miscellanous (Listed alphabetically)

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Song Reviews (Listed alphabetically by song name)

Cómo Te Atreves – Morat

Hysteria – Muse

Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

Sunburn – Muse

Written In The Stars – Tinie Tempah

Albums (Listed alphabetically by album name)

Absolution – Muse

Showbiz – Muse

Simulation Theory – Muse

Sobre El Amor y Sus Efectos Secundarios – Morat

Answer The Public

What Is The Difference Between An EP And An Album


Alexandru Andries – Retirement Concerts

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