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Quantum Publishers – Gaudeamus 2018

Gaudeamus 2018 has already started. Many publishing houses had prepared intensly for this moment, and now they are there. 

Quantum Publishers is one of those that has struggled to offer us an unforgetable experience this year and to surprise as usual with great offers, Great discount, great books and great people are waiting for you at the stand. 

The Saturday program for Quantum Publishers at Gaudeamus is the following:

14:00 Launching of  “Dont cry, just fly” by Georgiana Vâju
Invited: Roxana Neagu

14:30 Launching of “The sins of the son – book two” by Theo Anghel
Invited: Monica Ramirez

15:00 Launching of  “Children in the fog – book two of <The viscount of the lost Verentia>” by Laura Știrbu
Invited: Diana Daniela Macovei

15:30 Launching of “The fire goddes” by Mihaela Strenc
Invited: Theo Anghel

16:00 Launching of  “M. O. O. N.” byLeila Sandra Coroian
Invited: Oana Alexandra Nica

Also, participating at one of the launches offers you theoportunity to win one of the book packages prepared by them, including an “I love Quantum Publishers” printed book.

And, beside that, Black Friday is also celebrated by QuantumPublishers who await you with lots of discounts. Come get’em.

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