Tom Jones Concert in Romania

When: Wednesday, 26th of June 2019

Where: BT Arena in Cluj Napoca

Organizer: Emagic

Music in Romania has and always will have a big role into our lives as a nation. Everytime there was a concert here, the halls were crowded, or even sold out until the very last ticket.

This time, Tom Jones, the famous Welsh singer who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his services to music, will be filling the concert halls in Romania.

About the singer, well there are lots to say. Beside being a wonderful singer, he sung almost every gendre of popular music like rock, pop show tunes, R&B, dance, soul, country, and gospel and sold over 100 million records. But let’s talk about some more interesting facts about the singer.

  1. Tom Jones did not like school or sports
  2. At 12 he was diagnosed with tuberculosis
  3. He could have gone to the mines instead of becoming a singer – If he wouldn’t have been sick, he would probably haven been sent to the mines to work with his father
  4. He married his girlfriend when he was only 16, while she was expecting
  5. He sang with many legends in the music industry like Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin and John Denver – With Elvis even developed a friendship while in Las Vegas.

These are information you can find anywhere on the internet, so it isn’t much of a novelty, but I though it might come in handy before I tell you about the concert, but let’s move on.

The concert will be held in Cluj Napoca, the capital city (if I may call it like this) of Transylvania, where he will have his first concert after his previous four concerts in Romania.

The concert will be held at “BT Arena” in Cluj-Napoca on the 26th of June, when we will celebrate together with him his five decades of music.

BT Arena in Cluj, where the concert will be held

Tom Jones first held a concert in Romania in 1996 for the IXth edition of the Golden Stag Festival in Brasov, after which he came back to Romania for singing in Bucharest at Romexpo and at Palace Hall.

For the concert on the 26th of June there are available the following tickets:

VIP: 475 RON

Tribune 1: 395 RON

Premium Terrain: 345 lei

Tribune 2: 285 RON

Tribune 3: 225 RON

Tribune 4: 145 lei

This concert is an opportunity not only to listen to Tom Jones live, but to also visit Cluj, which is a nice place to visit, with many cultural events and beautiful people. So if you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can do it (while there are still available) via the main ticketing platform in Romania.

View from Cluj

If you need a place to stay, you can look on booking or trivago for a nice host. I never failed with these ones. And if you’re planning for a longer trip, you can check out some inspiration for places to visit in Cluj.

Hopefully this is enough information for a pleasant overal experience over the concert.

Now are you a fan of Tom Jones?

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