Theo Anghel Quotes

“Ama and Abel were whispering in an argument, looking at each other gravely. He took her hands in his hands, brought them closer to his lips, and her – wondrous wonder! – wasn’t making any effort to get rid of the grip.

-Get off of me! she gnash, even though her  body language was expressing a totally different thing than her words.

-It is about time to grow up! said Abel, patiently. I did it. I was wrong…not much but totally, catastrophically…but I feel that another chance was given to me…

-A chance for what?

-To turn things around between us.

-I don’t want to turn anything around, she rambled defeated.

-Yes you do. Just that you don’t have the courage to admit it. And because you are a coward, I won’t leave this matter in your hands any more, I will take charge.

-Meaning? strived Ama to remain firm, even though her voice was trembling.

Abel got closer to her tense body, looking into her eyes.

-Get out of my face, moaned her.


The tone of the black angel was a mixture between seduction and determination. Even I was realizing that poor Ama had no chance to escape. She had to face her nightmare. It was now or never. My heart went up to my throat when I saw her raising her forehead and receiving the haughty quest of the man, accepting it, submissioning. Her eyes filled with tears that, afterwards, rolled over her burning cheeks and then hanged on her lips, from where Abel sipped them unsteadily, at first, and then, feeling that the redoubt had ceased, more and more athirst.”  (Diabolic – I died, fortunately 5, page 395)

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