Diabolic (I Died, Fortunately – Book 5)

Here we are at the end of the series I died, fortunately. It was a long way, but it definitely worth it. The five volumes that I read, The ReturnChaosOn the other sidePurgatorio and Diabolic kept me in a continuous roller coaster with moments when I almost forgot to breath and moments when I was exhilarating of joy and happiness.

In the fifth volume Oriana gets back to the Chaos, but things will never be as they used to be. She has changed. She grew and changed her perceptions about life. She left Marc in Purgatorio and she feels like she no longer wants to go on. The only thing that keeps her running is the idea that one day she will may be able to bring Marc back.

The big surprise is that Amadeus showed up again. And not as he was doing it every time, but to tell her that Gudila, her “pupil” converted into a damnnum because he hasn’t succeeded in any mission and he must be taken in the Sanctuary, but she is the one who must take him. At first, she said that she doesn’t want to take him, but she must face the fact that she has to choose between him and Ama. If she doesn’t take him, Ama will die. She chooses the inevitable, and so starts the adventure. They think that it will be as easy at it should, but the destiny seems to have other plan. On the way, they are attacked, they are chased by the police and they almost died because of a creature in Baciu forest.

Surprising enough is the fact that they get to an end and reach the Sanctuary despite all the difficulties. But the things they find out there are to take them completely by surprise. Will they manage to get through all safely?

As I got to the ending of the book, my conclusion is that is a magnificent story that worth to be read. The characters are so well defined and the plot so intriguing that you never stop to be surprised. Also what is to appreciate is that it gives you some other perspective of the life. Not because now you know what will it happen to you after death, because you don’t, it’s just fiction, but because you realize life is short, and you should enjoy it as much as you can. Also what is important to learn is that even if there are rules to follow and that we should all respect, sometimes is healthier to just ignore them.

Oriana woke up such a respect in me that I almost took her as a model. Although her true nature should have pushed her to do bad things, she insisted in being on the good side.

Also Abel, even if he is a devil, she caught my attention through his humor and his deep love for Ama. On the other side, Ama, even though she is sometimes annoying, she is as loving as Abel. Always seing the good in people, always being able to help, she becomes like a sunshine for the entire story.  Also, I don’t know why I have imagined Ama as a blonde ever since the beginning.

And Marc, who could forget Marc? That handsome man with his mysterious character. He sacrified his soul for the love of Oriana. I think everybody has dreamed for such a love. Everyone wishes to happen in real life too.

And another thing that I have learned from this book is to always listen to your instinct. If your instinct tells you it’s right, then you should do it.

In the end I would want to say that I am proud to have had the opportunity to read this series and hope that in the future there will be a continuation of their life after they have passed through all of it.

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