There are lots to be said about my passion.

When did I start? I can’t say precisely the date or the period when I started to be passionate about books. I think I was born a bookworm.

Ever since I was 4 years old I learned how to read, and at kindergarten I was already reading stories to my colleagues, to the amazement of my governess. I didn’t read very much at that time, but I guess it was the beginning.

One reason for which I like to read is that that I was a very diligent pupil, as my parents were always telling me that I have to study because I study for myself. And the parents always know best, aren’t they? 🙂

Then, in the primary school, my teacher was assigning us supplementary lecture for the summer. And I, as a diligent pupil, I was reading them all (about 60 books in a summer). I guess more or less that period was the one when I started to enjoy reading. The moment I was reading I was feeling something like I was transposing myself in a new world, and I was devouring a book with the childish impatience to find out what is the final destiny of the characters.

Among the books I remember having read are “Little Match Girl”, “Great recreation”, Grigore Alexandrescu’s fables, Eminescu’s Starlight, “Mara” and, one of my favorites, “20000 leagues under the sea” and “The children of captain Grant” by Jules Verne. I remember that I also read a book about a character who was traveling to Tashkent in a boat, but I can’t remember exactly its name. I only know that ever since I dreamed of going to Tashkent, and I said to myself that I  will do whatever it takes to get there (and i will actually go next year).

During gymnasium, my friendship with the books continued. I spent my teenage years with books like “The old man and the sea”, “The Alchemist”, “The forest of the hangmen”, and also the classic novels I had to read for school: “The hatchet”, “Morometii“, “The book of the wedding”, “Last night of love, first night of war”, “Otilia’s mistery” etc.

The high school period was very prolific for me, from a literary point of view. Beside the fact that I read a lot, I also discovered my literary stile and the subjects I like to spend my time with, which was quite normal after a large number of books read in a short period of time. Oh and how could I forget about “Winnetou”, the Indian who marked my childhood? I read seven volumes in a breath in like a month or so.

And then I started the faculty. My “sweet” faculty which I spent reading economical articles and math treaties, having no time left for others. And five years have passed this way.

And then I was free.  I could enjoy again a good book and smell again the perfume of the books freshly printed. I read like 100 books in two years. I do not read as much as I want, but I try to keep my passion alive.

In the following articles I will try to say something about books or about things and events regarding books.



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